About MCES

Our goal is to help individuals Build Better Tomorrows.

MCES provides crisis intervention, short-term inpatient and residential treatment and education related to life-threatening psychiatric emergencies and the diversion of persons with serious mental illness from inappropriate criminal justice involvement because of their disability. Our goal is to help individuals Build Better Tomorrows.

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MCES is a nonprofit psychiatric emergency service founded in 1974 to meet the need for mental health crisis services. Government, health care, law enforcement, and community representatives collaborated in our founding and remain key stakeholders today.

We serve Montgomery County and adjacent communities 24/7. Our services include a crisis hot line, walk-in crisis center, acute inpatient psychiatric care, crisis residential care, and a psychiatric EMS.

We provide emergency psychiatric evaluations to determine need for possible hospitalization. We train police officers and other emergency responders in mental health crisis intervention and offer information on suicide prevention.