Inpatient Philosophy

Our inpatient services are based on the Recovery Model. We believe that:

Our services are consistent with consumer dignity, privacy, autonomy and self-sufficiency, strengths, consistent with the highest accepted practices and standards, and the safety of all parties. Our practices are evidenced-based and incorporate the best practices of other providers in comparable settings.

As appropriate and as possible, with the patient's consent, we will involve and educate the family and assure their participation in care planning and treatment.

Our programs are consumer-centered, address the immediate needs of those we serve, and the need to avoid future emergencies, crises, relapse and other episodes. We value collaboration and involvement of other providers in care planning and delivery.

Our services are based upon a comprehensive and holistic evaluation and ongoing reassessment.

We endeavor to maintain a uniform and consistent level of care at all times. We strive to reasonably accommodate consumer needs in relation to culture, spirituality, diet, and other pertinent factors.

We offer consumers opportunities to:

Our services facilitate short-term stays in the least restrictive setting suitable to needs and safety.