Crisis Residential Program Services

Our Crisis Residential Program is based on the belief that goals of treatment are best defined by the individual. Our staff collaborates to provide tools to achieve those goals. Developing and maintaining a sense of hope, meaning and purpose, and abilities to assume responsibility for managing disabilities are important pillars of the program.

We provide Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Activities, Dual Diagnosis Education, Medication Education and Discharge Planning.

Individual Counseling: Residents meet with staff daily to discuss treatment plan goals.

Group Counseling: Groups are recovery oriented with topics tailored to the needs of the current community of residents.

Activities: Social and recreational activities are provided daily.

Dual Diagnosis Education: AA/NA groups are available.

Medication Education and Administration: A nurse educates residents on what symptoms their medications treat, the correct way to take their medications, and possible side effects. Residents must be able to responsibly self-administer their prescribed medications that will be stored and monitored by staff.

Discharge Planning: We help individuals Includes identifying financial and community resources, aftercare arrangements, development of a support network or enhancement of an existing support network, etc.



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