Patient Safety

There is no smoking permitted. Food and drink may not be brought in by visitors. When patients have money, they may order out and menus will be provided from approved restaurants. Flowers may be brought in and displayed in coated cardboard containers or placed in baskets without wires.

Visitors should alert the reception staff if you have a contagious disease or if you have been recently exposed to such a disease. We may ask you to return at a later time.

All visitors must pass through the metal detector.Any visitor who cannot successfully pass through the metal detector may not visit. If, while visiting, the emergency/fire alarm sounds, please follow the directions of the staff.

For visitor and patient safety, please do not attempt to intervene in any problematic situations.

Visiting Areas

Individuals on Center Hall will receive visitors in the Activities Room and individuals on North Hall will receive visitors in the Dining Room. Due to infection control and privacy issues, there will be no visiting in individual rooms.
Once a visitor leaves the unit, he/she will not be permitted to return during that visiting period.


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at MCES. Please do not disclose the presence of
any client to others outside of the hospital.