Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

MCES provides round-the-clock intensive and comprehensive behavioral health services to all in need in our community while maintaining and advocating for their rights and individual dignity.

Vision Statement

The staff, Board and volunteers of MCES pledge to promote mental health in our community and to provide excellence in intervention in a safe and compassionate environment through innovation, teamwork, and a commitment to assist our clients to improve the quality of their lives.


  1. We value patient-focused care demonstrated by advocacy, compassion, respect, and dignity for all patients. All policies, interventions, practices and systems are driven by the needs of the patients.
  2. We value delivery of quality services demonstrated by teamwork, innovations to improve the effectiveness of systems, commitment to the MCES Quality Through Teamwork Program and benchmarking outcomes within the field.
  3. We value professionalism as demonstrated by staff maintaining professional standards of care in their respective disciplines, adhering to the MCES Code of Ethics, and providing innovative care based on current knowledge in the mental health field.
  4. We value commitment to a community-oriented perspective through responsiveness to the needs of the community and universal access to care and services.
  5. We value patient/family collaboration as demonstrated by actively involving the patient and his/her significant others as partners in the treatment process through shared decision making and informed consent.
  6. We value commitment to a learning environment and to meeting the education needs of the patient, significant others, board members, community, and staff.